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Emission Rate of Stead Tokens

Emission Rate of Stead Tokens

Initially 1 Stead will cost $1.

However the purchase price will increase by a certain percentage price every month, which will be announced in the future.

Token Burning and Rental

Token Burning and Rental

After Floating properties are funded, approved Operators will manage these assets at a profit, and will buy back and burn tokens every month.

This provides needed liquidity to aquaculture operations in developing countries and floating cities in International Waters.

Support Floating Infrastructure

Support Floating Infrastructure

By purchasing Stead, the crypto you exchange will be put towards constructing a select floating asset.

Supporting these projects supports the development of aquaculture companies in developing countries that are low on capital, unbanked, or otherwise have to deal with complex bank regulations in reference to floating collateral. This platform also supports the development and expansion of seasteading technology to build floating cities in our oceans with blockchain based economies.

Supporting Unbanked
Businesses Globally

Discover a groundbreaking opportunity to support floating assets around the world. Stead brings liquidity to areas of the world where it was not previously accessible. Each token is collateralized by Real World Assets, and amount of assets increases over time compared with the amount of tokens issued, causing value of the tokens to go up.

Innovative Floating Communities

The Stead platform supports the development of cutting edge seasteading technology, allowing human habitation to expand into the water.

Deflationary Nature

Businesses and Families raising funds to build their floating assets using Stead, must burn more tokens than were issued until they have earned ownership of their asset. This gradual reduction in Stead supply correlates to an increase in price annually, making Stead a safe place even in a bear market.

Blockchain-powered-DeFi Trading

Stead tokens, being blockchain-based, can be traded with others over decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms like Uniswap, adding liquidity and investment flexibility.

NFT-backed Seastead Ownership

Each floating property produced is assigned a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to track ownership securely on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and traceability in a global boat and seastead market.

Expanding Horizons Beyond Land

Stead is a dual purpose platform, to both support small businesses in developing countries, and advance seasteading technology. Why are seasteads an important technology?

Versatility in Use

While the initial seasteads serve as novelties and floating resorts, they hold potential for various applications. Future seasteads can be utilized for residential purposes, transforming into unique ocean dwellings, or even as commercial spaces, like floating restaurants and grocery stores.

Mobility Advantage

Unlike traditional land-based real estate, seasteads are mobile, allowing them to be relocated strategically based on business and real estate cost factors. Alternatively, they can capitalize on rising property values by remaining in one spot, such as near a coastal city.

Increasing Real Estate on Water

Seasteading involves creating permanent human habitation in the water, effectively expanding available real estate on the planet's surface.

Innovative Floating Communities

ArkPads, the most advanced form of seasteads, are ingeniously designed to interconnect and create entire floating resorts or self-sustaining communities above the waves.


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